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    Invincible (feat. Ester Dean)

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    Invincible (feat. Ester Dean) - Single

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Invincible (feat. Ester Dean) - Machine Gun Kelly

— “I hear voices in the air, hearing loud and clear, telling me to listen.. whispers in my ear nothing can compare I just wanna listen, telling me I’m invincible! I’m invincible! I’m invincible!”

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    Best Beers Of Our Lives

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    Ready Set Roll - EP

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    Chase Rice


CHASE RICE | best beers of our lives
we’re just crazy kids and we ain’t got a care
these are our nights, we ain’t goin’ nowhere
our time, young and we don’t care
here’s to a sweet ride on the high life

What a crazy night!!

Last night was definitely one of the best nights I’ve had in forever!! I’m glad I got to see some of my old friends.. Crazy ass night I’ll tell ya that! Haha first it was just sitting around the fire at my house bullshitting and the next thing you know, we’re all drunk and end up getting in the vehicles and driving through fields and shit to get to an abandoned house then we were trying to go through the hay maze and Mike ended up falling in a huge ass box and spilling his beer. Lmfao. Thanks for the laughs guys! It was definitely a great night! :D I can already tell that this summer is going to be crazy! :D

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